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Biometrics & physical security systems

Making access control systems more secure and more versatile. We do an assessment of the customer needs coambining the best internationally available standards where we combine the following:

  • Portable encrypted smartcards.
  • Handheld fingerprint & biometric readers
  • Data migration

Maintaining the use of secure credentials is a key factor for the security of the access control system. With our accumulative experience in the field of access control & smartcards we make it possible to have a portable secure smartcard that can be used among different technology vendors e.g. Lenel access control software with IDEMA fingerprint readers, HID card readers & mobile fingerprint readers where the user caries one card and use it among the entire systems maintaining the security & flexibility offered by Mifare smartcards.

**Lenel, IDEMA, Mifare, HID are products & trademarks for their respective owners